1. Analysis

Understanding is the first step that is taken prior to the commencement of any project

The business process of any client is an essential piece of information that needs to be studied in detail as many times this is reflected entirely, or in part, in the resulting project.

Once tackled, the business model leads us directly to the target market and audience. Businesses normally focus their strengths on defined groups of people that fall into specific categories such as race, age and level of education. All these properties should have a direct effect in any website project as they determine the level of success that may be obtained. Competitors are studied to get a broader picture of the market and the demands and expectations of customers.

A lot of this information is obtained through various meetings with our clients. These meetings give us an opportunity to get to know our clients better and gather enough information to build a clear picture of the requirements that create the need for the project. These sessions also shed light on the goals and aspirations of the clients which are the real driving force behind any online creation.

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